Musings of a Midwife with a Call Schedule

February 24, 2018

My company went on call for another client last week.

It is so exciting to work as a midwife with two other fabulous CPMs. One of my favorite perks is getting set days off call. For my first 24 hours off I requested Super Bowl Sunday off!  While I am not a football fan, I do love hanging out with my husband and friends as we watch and play commercial bingo!

There were several moments over the evening when it hit me that I was not on call. I did not need to check my phone constantly or feel guilty for staying up so late. I knew that the other midwives had it covered. We had a great night and the next day I felt ready to be on call again!

Another great moment was today, driving my daughter home from a friends we talked about her dad working overnight and she asked what she was doing if I went to a birth. She was happy and relieved to here that I was again off call this evening. In the past, she knew that she could possible wake up to a baby sitter or worse me telling her to get into the car so I could drop her off at someone's house who would watch her. My husband is also appreciate of my 24 hours off call because it means he will not have to set an alarm for 6:50 am after getting home at 4 am to put our kids on the bus. This is because our 24 hour shifts start at 9am each morning! This gives me plenty of time to get the kids off to school before being worried that I will be called to a birth!




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