May 2, 2017

Hello all! I'm sorry I have been MIA on the internet.

My passion has not died and I've been working on some pretty cool real world things to get this idea out to everyone I can.

I just spent a few days last week at the Michigan Midwives Association Conference where I got to present on Sustainable Midwifery Practices and got some great feedback and met some great midwives and new friends.

I gave a faculty seminar for Midwives College of Utah on the importance of teaching self-care and work/life balance to student midwives and ideas about ways to do that. And I plan on reaching out to more midwifery schools to do the same thing. Let me know if you want me to come to your school!

I guest lectured in a Midwives College of Utah Business Mastery class taught by my good friend and fellow advocate, Megan Koontz, where someone from Michigan heard about me and invited me up to their spring conference.

I submitted an abstract entitled "Sustainable Midwifery: The Moral Imperative of Teaching Self-Care and Work/Life Balance to Student Midwives" to MANA's 2017 conference and just found out last week that I wasn't accepted. Sad face. But I'm going to submit again next year! And in the meantime keep on trucking, and maybe look into other conference possibilities or any other way to spread the word.

Also, in the midst of all this, I got engaged and am planning a wedding! Eeeek! That's like another full time job! We're getting married June 11 , and I hope to get serious about the tshirt business after that.

Anyway, The most important thing is this is still happening... I've dropped a pebble into the lake and the ideas are spreading. The video of my talk at MANA has been viewed almost 700 times (WHOA!) But I know there are more than 700 midwives out there, so let's keep it growing! If you're interested in me coming to your event, please reach out! I'm not free, but i'm cheap! (-:

Forgive me for my every once in awhile absences, but don't give up on me, don't give up on this idea. Keep on talking about it and keep on writing to me with your ideas and questions. More to come, I promise!

Peace, Love and Midwifery,





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