This is bigger than us.




The response from the friend I mentioned in my last post. 

"I am pushing that tire baby. I have spent about 8 hours just today re-going over the  payment flow charts I started last week and hashing out all possible money scenarios. Its rough. My husband has been giving input and I have been trying to explain how this is different than any other businesses and the profits don't work the same. Then he was all well just work alone and do 2 births and you will each make more money. So then I had to explain that money is just part of it. Its the having another midwife or 2 or 3 to support you, back you up, brain storm, problem solve etc. Its having a day off for real or a weekend or birthday. Obviously one client a month isn't making a group practice a lot of money but we are also sharing on call time and prenatals and working less. And we can take days off without a stranger caring for our client. AND we are 3 unique and very awesome women and our clients are going to love us and we are going to rock consults and be hired to the point that we are full and raising those rates even higher (because even at 3500 we are under valued). We are laying the ground work for the future of midwifery and a new network of moms and families who will hopefully grow close and do life together! We will have fun events and classes and that would not happen with a solo practice. Working alone sounds so isolating. That is not how I trained and I can't imagine it just be myself to lean on through the ever changing emotions of birth."


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