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Modern Midwifery: Now Open!

You guys,

We've done it. The first home birth group practice in Georgia is now open. Modern Midwifery is now accepting clients with due dates beginning in January 2018. Check us out at


Here's a little background:

Paige White, CPM was at MANA when I spoke last year. She contacted me a few months later to see what I was up to and the idea of Modern Midwifery was born. I may have sparked something in Paige but she really took the idea and ran with it. I was blown away when she showed me her "Letter to My Future Colleagues" and her "Midwife Wish List." While my vision was macro, her vision was micro and exactly what was needed to move forward. t took awhile but with Paige's "Midwife Wish LIst" in hand, we found Margaret Byrne, CPM a few months later. We've been getting together for the past few months, talking things through, hashing things out, doing the hard/heart work of putting this thing together and now we're ready to bring it to Greater Atlanta and we couldn't be more excited. 

And because I love it so much I wanted to share Paige's "Letter to my Future Colleagues" here: This is what Paige was looking for. And this is what she found. So when you hire Modern Midwifery this is what you're going to get. And If you're a midwife looking to start a group practice yourself, this is what you should be looking for:

Dear Midwife,
I am looking for fellow midwives who share in my vision for a midwife
collective. If you believe that a small group of midwives (3-4) can come
together to give birthing families a life changing experience, keep reading.
If you are willing to be flexible and put in the hard work of birthing a new
idea in our community Modern Midwifery is for you.
Each midwife in modern midwifery will have the opportunity to love on and
guide our clients through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We will have
struggles and challenges and with everyone’s best interest in mind, we will
come up with an awesome system of care that others will want to recreate!
I have many goals. One of the top priorities is to empower each client so
that on her birthing day she has faith in herself and her body. We will strive
to have each woman and her partner feel so prepared and powerful that we
are only background support. We will know that whichever midwife attends
the birth is the midwife whose care most benefitted that woman.
To provide such in-depth and intuitive care throughout pregnancy and birth,
we each need to be the best versions of ourselves on a personal and
professional level. By working together, we can achieve such greatness.
We can never underestimate the effectiveness of a healthy, well rested,
and present midwife.
I strive to be that kind of midwife. I hope you do too. Let’s talk about where
you are on your journey and the possibility of us working together!

Here's to the Next Generation of Maternity Care! 

Madeline Murray, CPM

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