This is bigger than us.


Why are you here?

My guess is that most of you are here because you saw my video and it struck a chord in you. So now that you’ve looked around you know a little bit more about what I’m about and what this space is about. But where do we go from here? That’s where you come in. We’re supposed to work together right? I have ideas, but I still need more ideas.

Help me, help you. (-:

What do you want from this website? What sort of support, advice, encouragement is missing in midwifery communities to encourage this kind of self care and respect? What do you need?

But also, how can you help? What can you offer? Who has insight? Personal experience? Stories of group practice models working for midwives and for clients? Stories of the on-call lifestyle’s negative impact?  I have a few coming up, but I want more. I am happy to spearhead but I want this to be a community effort. I want to create space to open dialogue about this all important topic.

So write to me. No such thing as a stupid suggestion or a stupid question. I want to hear from you.

Let's make a change! 






Madeline Lutz2 Comments