This is bigger than us.

Believe in Midwifery





This is not about me

This is about us

Actually, this is bigger than us

This is about all the moms and dads and babies

This is about bringing midwifery care to more American families


The work that we do is not easy but it is necessary

The work that women do to bring their babies into the world is not easy but it is necessary

We, as midwives, are in a period of transition and the only way we’re going to be able to get through it is if we have other women to lean on for support

I hope this website will be a gathering place for midwives who are looking to create work/life balance and sustainability in their careers and the careers of their colleagues and students.

If we begin to work together we CAN make midwifery a more attainable and a more sustainable career for women. That will in turn make more midwives and bring midwifery care to more American families.

We can and we will. We just have to believe.